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EZ Cash For Homes has been in business for decades. Throughout this time, we have helped many homeowners get through difficult selling processes. A probate sale in Florida is the toughest situation according to most homeowners we come across.

Our extensive experience with probate sales, expertise in the real estate market, and associations with legal experts, have made it possible for us to buy numerous probate properties for sale in Florida.

Take a look at some success stories we have created:

  • Buying a house in probate in Florida

Hannah, a 32-year-old, single mother from Florida, contacted us through a friend’s referral. When she approached us, she was exhausted with the probate process and her failed efforts to find the right buyer. She was having a tough time keeping up with the process of informal probate in Florida, keeping up with her real estate agent, managing viewings, and her own personal responsibilities. The probate process was taking forever, and two buyers had already walked away because of the delay. A lot of her money spent on staging the house was being wasted.

EZ Cash For Homes listened to her story and checked the progress of her probate process, instantly. We provided help from qualified probate attorneys in Florida through our network and did everything we could to speed up the process. We offered her a fair price for the house, and she accepted it. Soon after, the probate process ended, and we bought the house within nine days! On the ninth day, Hannah received her cash payment and a lot of relief!

  • Estate sale after the death of a loved one

The Smith family was going through a tough time after the death of their father. The three siblings received their father’s Miami house in probate, but didn’t know what to do with it. None of them lived near the house, so they couldn’t keep it or rent it. Once the probate process was over, they collectively decided to try a probate sale in Miami. However, the house was located in a rough neighborhood, and they couldn’t find the right buyer after months of trying. One of the siblings got in touch with EZ Cash For Homes. We visited the house the same evening and offered a fair cash price the next day!

They agreed on the price, and the deal was sealed within the next 12 days! It was fast and hassle-free. The cash payment made it easy for the Smith children to split their shares of the house, and they were completely satisfied with the deal!

If you are located in Florida, whether Miami, Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach, or Ft. Lauderdale, and are having trouble selling a house in probate in Florida, contact EZ Cash For Homes. We can help you get through the process fast and close the deal within days.