Assisted Living

Cash Home Buyer Florida

Aging homeowners moving to assisted living is a common scenario in Miami, and other areas of Florida. EZ Cash For Homes has helped a number of homeowners with the selling process before they move. The most common issues faced are lack of knowledge about the market, lack of technical expertise, shortage of funds, and inability to handle things like mortgage issues.

At EZ Cash For Homes, we buy houses fast in Florida. We provide a hassle-free, smooth process, that keeps the comfort of our clients in mind. Unlike other companies that buy houses in Florida, we consider a homeowner’s emotional state and provide them with any needed assistance.

We help through every step, then buy your house for all cash! Take a look at some of our success stories:

  • Months wasted in finding the right buyer

An older couple living in Orlando contacted us, months after placing their house for sale and failing to find a buyer. They couldn’t promote their house properly as they lacked the technical know-how, and their real estate agent was little help. This also delayed their move to assisted living and the date kept extending. Finally, after someone suggested it, they finally decided to sell the house for cash in Orlando.

Once they got in touch with us, we visited their house and inspected everything. We liked it and immediately offered a fair price for the house. We contacted their real estate agent to take down the house listing, while paying the required fees to the agent. EZ Cash For Homes delivered all the assistance needed by the couple and closed the deal within days. We also paid cash for the home in Orlando right after closing the deal. The couple moved to assisted living right after!

  • Mortgage issues resolved before the sale

EZ Cash For Homes bought a house in Miami from a senior who was about to move to assisted living. He was selling it because there was no one to look after the house and he needed funds.

He contacted us, since he didn’t have money to hire a real estate agent, and we inspected the house. It was a great property, however, there was a mortgage issue. There were overdue mortgage payments blocking the sale of the house. We took control of the situation and talked to the bank. After learning the details of the mortgage payments, we paid the amount because the homeowner didn’t have the required funds.

We then offered a fair price for the house, and he sold it to us. We buy houses fast in Miami; it only took us two weeks total to resolve the issue, close the deal, and make the final cash payment for the house.

If you, your parents, or someone you know is struggling to find the right buyer for their house before moving to assisted living, give us a call! We buy houses in Florida, including Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, and West Palm Beach. Sell houses for cash in Florida and close the deal super-fast!