Frequently Asked Questions

EZ Cash for Homes FAQ’s:

Frequently Asked Questions

We buy homes in all areas and in any condition.

There are several reasons that people decide to sell their homes for all cash. The most common are because they need to sell quickly,

the home is in need of repairs or simply to save the money associated with paying real estate commissions , fees and closing cost associated with a traditional sale.
At EZ Cash for Homes we make it fast and easy to sell your home.

Yes, we buy homes all the time that need repairs. We make the process fast and easy to sell your home and we will buy it in its AS IS condition.

If you need to close quickly, we can help. Typically we can prepare all the paperwork , including title search and document preparation to close a transaction within 10 days.

Sometimes a seller may not need to close quickly, but wants the peace of mind in knowing that they have a committed buyer. With EZ Cash for homes, you can negotiate a closing date to suit your time frame.

Yes, in fact we specialize in purchasing properties from to help settle estates and let the heirs cash out on un-wanted or an un-needed property.

We determine the current market value of a similar fully renovated homes in your area, factor in our costs and time to renovate your property to current market value and then make you a cash offer.

When you work with EZ Cash for Homes there are no real estate commissions and we cover the buyers closing costs.

No, we buy houses from estates. If you need legal advise consult a local attorney who specializes in wills, inheritances and estates. If you need to sell a home that is in probate or to settle an estate, please call EZ Cash For Homes.

Yes, one of the most common situations we find are frustrated landlords who are tired of collecting rent, making repairs and handling all the other property management details. We have been buying homes from landlords for many years and would love the opportuniyty to purchase your home. Call EZ Cash for Homes and sell us your your rental property today.

Yes, we have relationships with real estate title agencies who can provide closings throughout the USA and Canada.

Yes, during the foreclosure crisis we helped many families sell their home and save the equity in their home.

If you are behind on your mortgage, and thinking of selling, the sooner you contact EZ Cash for Homes the better.

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