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We Buy Houses for Cash in Tampa, Florida

Looking for the perfect buyer in Tampa, Florida? You just found one!

If you are a homeowner looking for ways to sell your house fast in Tampa,you are at the right place. Along with answering all your questions, EZ Cash For Homes will walk you through the smooth, fast process of selling your house. If you still haven’t found the right buyer to sell a Tampa home fastto,we are here for you!



As well-known cash home buyers in Tampa,we have bought many houses in the area and have helped numerous homeowners. If you are a homeowner that can’t seem to find the right buyer or get the right value for your house, we can help!

We buy houses in Tampa to help homeowners who have houses in the following situations:

  • House in probate
  • House facing foreclosure
  • House in poor condition due to natural damage
  • House in poor condition due to wear and tear
  • House located in a bad neighborhood
  • Homeowner who is relocating
  • House damaged by bad tenants
  • House with pricing issues due to mortgage
  • House of a divorced couple
  • House of a hoarder
  • And more!

If you fall into any of these categories and can’t find a buyer, largely because of your situation, your search ends with us. We buy houses in Tampa that meet these criteria. If you are unsure about your situation because we didn’t cover it here, we may be able to help. Just give us a call and confirm!


If you pick us as your Tampa estate home buyer,we work through an easy, smooth, step-by-step process. Since we buy houses fast in Tampa,we do not waste your time with extra formalities or paperwork. We keep it precise, short, and simple. We work through the following process:

  • Inspection

When you call us, we start by inspecting your house. One of our representatives will visit your house, by appointment, to inspect the house and verify any damage, legal conditions, neighborhood information, and other factors. We buy houses in Tampa once the inspection is done.

  • Setting a price

After the inspection, we analyze the various factors and assign a fair value to the house. That offer is made to you within 24 hours.

  • Closing the deal

If you agree with our offer, we close the deal as fast as we can! It takes us a few days or weeks to finalize the deal, based on factors affecting the sale. We pay cash for homes in Tampa and do so on an all-cash basis.

Through this simple and smooth process, you can sell your house for cash in Tampa,and rest assured the process will be over within days. No matter what situation you are in, if you are seeking the right buyers and want to sell a home fast in Tampa, for cash, with a hassle-free process – we are the right pick for you!

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